Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sunday in Venice (Day 3)

We started the day by walking around to see the Marriott hotel surroundings. We could not get anywhere on the island, as there was some construction. 
Later we took the shuttle boat to St. Mark's Square. We have a little challenge tomorrow when we go home because we probably can not reach the Alilaguna water bus to the airport at St. Mark's Square, with the first shuttle boat from the Marriott hotel. By going up to the north of the island we can reach the Alilaguna water bus by Ospidale. A walk of about 15 minutes, if we otherwise know the way. One can easily get lost in the mazes of narrow streets. But we found the direct way to the waters bus stop Ospidale. And then it was time to rest at a cafe. 
We went for a walk in the eastern part of the island, to the Castello area. Here calms among others a fort . We walked around the narrow streets, got a latte at a cafe, and at 4 pm we were ready to go back to the hotel. 
We got a light evening meal in the bar - first a Manhattan followed by a Club Sandwich and a glass of white wine.

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