Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Vaporetto, Raghetto and Gondola in Venice

No trip to Venice would be complete without a punt down one of the city’s picturesque waterways in an iconic gondola, www.gondolavenezia.it  website has recommended itineraries.
Prices are for the hire of the gondola, for six passengers or less. 8am-7pm €80 for 30 mins and from 7pm-8am €100 for 35 mins.
All transport by vaporetto motorboats or by gondola.
Below a short video from my Gondola ride at Canal grande and through the narrow canals.

I did not think we could have been in Venice without a trip to the Gondola. There were 100's of gondolas, and a trip was quite expensive. We had ordered from home to share the cost with several - there may be up to 6 in a gondola, but have not ordered in advance it can be significantly more expensive. At 4:00 pm we were down at the gondola station of San Maria del Giglio, which lie on the Grand Canal. From here came our 30-minute gondola ride.First, we sailed a little down the Grand Canal and then through the very narrow channels.It was an interesting trip. So now we can say that we have been sailing in the gondola.

Take a trip down the Grand Canal
The best way to take in the Grand Canal is on board a vaporetto (Venice’s waterbus). The canal is still the main thoroughfare of Venice. The three and a half kilometre (two-mile) trip from the railway station to San Marco provides a superb introduction to the city, telling you more about the way Venice works.
Vaporetto tickets should be purchased before boarding at most stops, or at VeneziaUnica offices . 

If you board without a ticket at a stop where they aren’t sold, you can buy a single-trip ticket on board. 
Tickets are for single trips (€7 – valid 60mins on multiple boats), 24hrs (€20), 48hrs (€38), 72hrs (€40) or seven days (€60). The fare for a shuttle journey (ie one stop across the Grand Canal, the hop across to the Giudecca, or from Sant’Elena to the Lido) is €4.


Below a video from our trip through the narrow channels:

Traghetto means "ferry" in Italian and are large gondolas without bow decoration, brocaded chairs.
They are rowed by two oarsmen: one who stands behind the passengers like a traditional gondolier, the other closer to the bow.

There are only three bridges along the the Grand Canal, therefore there are 7 locatons between the railroad station and St. Mark's Basin, where you can cross the canal in a Traghetto. They are used by locals as a fast route across canal. Locals pay 70 cents while tourists pay 2 EUR (2015). The routes are marked on any good street map of Venice and you will see yellow signs pointing toward the traghetto landings when you are walking along the Canal Grande.

Video Venice Traghetto Ride.
At the end of the video you will find a map with the 7 routes marked.

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